About Me

Thank you for visiting my site.  I am a passionate retired elementary school teacher.  I hold an  undergrad degree in Elementary Education and a Masters Degree in Curriculum and Instruction.  I also earned my National Board Certification. 

I have a Teachers Pay Teachers store (Engage and Bloom) where I sell lesson plans.  I love creative ways to engage students and since there were so many boring worksheets, I began to sell the items that I used in my classroom and found successful.  Now that I’m retired, I may start creating more and try them out with classes as a volunteer.  I have already been back to the school I retired from to volunteer.  It’s so fun to see my past students and interact with new ones.  

I’m not one to sit still though, and I do love working with children.  So now  I am tutoring elementary students.  This is so awesome because instead of creating lessons that are general for 20 different students, I can customize for one specific child!  I absolutely love this incredible opportunity!   

Additionally I volunteer as a member of my city’s Beautification Board, and I also give my time to Canine Commandos (a nonprofit: students learn in their classrooms how to train dogs and socialize cats.  Then the children visit shelters to apply their skills with the goal of making the animals more likely to be adopted.  How cool is that?). 

Most of my time involves a common theme, because helping a child learn something new just floats my boat!  In the end, my ultimate ‘feel good’ is the opportunity to make a difference in the world!