The first few weeks

Hello again!  Well the first few weeks of school are now behind me.  The magic has happened as I have now fallen in love with 20 precious little ones. 🙂  My procedures have been taught.  Some have been learned and some…well…we are still working on a couple – which I’m guessing you can all relate to that!  My principal has been to my room twice.  Once was awesome…the kids were just getting ready to go to lunch, and they did so flawlessly.  The other time….well let’s just say I learned a lesson.  If you don’t get to a paper after you already passed it out, collect it back to save it for when you do have time.  Reason: I had just asked everyone to pull out the science page I handed out the day before that we didn’t get to work on.  I had asked students the previous day to put it in their folder in their desk.  Sooooo, just as I asked them all to take it out because we were going to work on it, I hear the key in the door.  The principal is doing a walk through.  In my head I’m thinking, “WOW…perfect timing….this is such a cool engaging lesson!”  However, it did not go well as 12 of my 20 announced they could not find the paper.  Naturally we transitioned to something else but it was a bit embarrassing as they were all calling out while I was trying to figure out what in the world was next on my agenda (naturally I couldn’t have been further from my planbook at this moment and my mind was going blank).  Lesson learned.  I will ALWAYS collect a paper back that we don’t get time to complete.  Just thought I’d share that little tidbit today!  🙂

On a positive note, the principal did walk around my classroom.  I had used my flip chart as an anchor lesson with story structure and that was in plain view for her to see.  She read it and then asked a student a question. YAY!  They were able to answer it easily! 🙂  If you are interested in how I teach story structure with a beautiful anchor chart, click the link below to visit my store.  🙂  There are separate lessons for third and fourth grade using Journeys’ first several stories.

I hope your first few weeks have gone well and your heart is as full as mine with lots of new little sweetie pies.


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